Printing Services


For bookbinding and all the post-printing processes we have organized an intact and contemporary center of integrated services that ensures to avoid the loss of precious time and to produce an excellent result.

Bookbinding with simple glue (heat-sealing)

It is an affordable solution, and it is mostly suggested when you wish to complete a filing process. Ultimately, it is a simple bookbinding where we convert, with the help of glue, the document to a compact even book with a tightly flat and hard back from plastic. So, we end up with a book ready for use.

Pin bookbinding

By the term ‘pin’ we mean the way of the document’s binding with two metal pins on its back. There are two types of pins; the simple pin which exists in magazines that we come across more often, and the omega pin that it is named after its shape. The omega pin is used predominately for companies that want to archive many files or when they want to give that file to their customers so they can place it to a large folder.

Seamed bookbinding

it is one of the most widespread types of bookbinding. It is mainly used so most books can be bound. Moreover, with that type of binding we can choose a softer cover.

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